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The man had a double skull fracture, due to blows received with a blunt object. In turn, the young woman had stab wounds in the neck and had a significant injury in the area of ​​one of her eyes.

The case of the homicides was assumed by the prosecutor Alejandro Musso, from the Executive Area of ​​Criminal Crimes Investigation San Fernando Fiscal Office, who contacted Judge Pierretti to carry out a coordinated work.

Two days after the bodies were found, members of the City Police found the owner of the San Fernando house, named Rubén Grasso, in a hotel on 100 Videla Street, in the Quilmes district. The subject had an envelope of cocaine, two cell phones, 500 pesos and, as if that were not enough, he kept among his belongings the ID of one of the fatal victims.

In the absence of official confirmation, a rumor emerged that the detained couple stole a sum close to 150 thousand dollars from the magician, which could have been the result of the sale of an apartment that Cigola’s mother spoke of.

According to a hypothesis of the investigation, the alleged murderers sensed that the illusionist had more money at his home, so one of the criminals went to the house in Parque Patricios, while the other killed the couple in the department of San Fernando.

The two criminals were detained within the framework of a case labeled “robbery in the absence of residents and unlawful deprivation of liberty followed by homicide.”

Meanwhile, the investigation continued with the search for a third man in the crime, Grasso’s stepbrother, initials R.A., who is still at large.

It will take place on Sunday, November 10, from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., with free admission, at the “José Hernández” Municipal Amphitheater (International Art Biennial Park, Parque de los Patricios). In case of rain, go to the Municipal Sports Center of Miramar (Pje. Leloir s / n)

This meeting of pure tradition organized by local institutions and neighbors, has the support of the Municipality of General Alvarado.

There will be shows, gastronomic samples and activities for all ages, reviving and revaluing our typical customs.

LOCAL AND ZONAL ARTISTS: The ritual of moons and suns. Zabala homeland. Wakefulness. Legend. Soul of the People. Pelizza tasting. New Heading. Saltpeter. Los Pichi Huinca Today. Pacha and Canto. Oscar Bravo. The Barrientos Brothers. Marsureños. Kamila Valdez.

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