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And as such, it will respond to Peronism, or rather, to whoever manages power in Peronism ”.

This is how it is defined by those who have known the federal judge of Tucumán Daniel Bejas, a future member of the strategic National Electoral Chamber (CNE), for more than two decades. His statement was approved today by the Senate, with the rejection of the opposition of Together for Change.

He was the candidate chosen by Alberto Fernández to occupy that place in the highest electoral court in the country, made up of Santiago Corcuera and Alberto Dalla Vía. The third position has been vacant since 2016, when Rodolfo Munné died at the age of 87. The CNE is the one that defines all the proposals of the candidates, the political parties, their financing and questions about the elections, less than two months after the beginning of an electoral year, where the Government defines its future in the mid-term legislative elections.

Before becoming a judge, Bejas was empowered by the local Justicialista Party between 1984 and 1996. He came to that role at the hands of former senator and national and provincial deputy Olijela del Valle Rivas. He was also legal advisor to the marriage companies made up of the governor and current PJ senator José Alperovich and former senator Beatriz Rojkés, between 2003 and 2005.

This labor antecedent would then be key to reach Federal Court No. 1 of Tucumán, with electoral jurisdiction throughout the province. First as a surrogate since 2007, after two years of having subrogated the Oral Criminal Court of Tucumán, until in 2011 he was appointed as head of that Court during the mandate of Cristina Kirchner. He achieved that designation with the explicit endorsement of the then governor Alperovich, then a strong man of Peronism in Tucumán, and one of the “favorite” leaders at that time of the former president.

“All governors seek to appoint someone to answer them in the court that defines electoral issues in their province,” says a former senator from the interior who was a member of the Committee on Agreements of the upper house and knows very well the “political thread ”When the specifications of future judges are discussed.

The former governor of Tucumán and senator on leave José Alperovich was the one who gave the endorsement for Bejas to become federal judge in 2011. (Nicolás Stulberg)

Alperovich lost power in 2015 at the hands of his then deputy governor and current president of Tucumán, Juan Manzur, who was reelected last year.

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