Funds Advance Branson, MO ¦ Payday advance Financial loans ¦ Title Lending options ¦ OpenCashAdvance Injara Sukuk Balara Sukuk Type The owner of the Real estate in a Rent in the Rent offers the ownership of the equal partnership or the right of real estate. This suukuk recognizes the right to the owner or the ownership of the property, to dispose of the property of the property, to obtain the rental and the rights of the Sukuku tenant. The owners of the Sukuku are undertaken the maintenance costs of said real estate. Injara Sukuk offers the ownership right to the ownership right of existing and known assets with a lease, and the rent price is paid to the Sukuk owner. ” The contract period is evident and at the end of the rental price at the end of the period; be paid monthly or annually. (RIZAZ, 2014: 55) The main features of the lapse of the sukuk are given below: (TOK, 2009: 20)  İNTARA Sukuk represents the property of an asset, which is connected to the lease agreement. Therefore, the library can be taken and sold on a market-designated price. . In some letters, the expected net returns may not be predetermined and fully fixed, as insurance and similar expenses cannot be determined in a prior fuse and similar expenses. Therefore, in some cases, the rent income indicated in the bond represents the maximum return.  The letters of the sukuk are the nature of the secondary market.  Intara Sukuklar provides highly flexibility in terms of marketing and exporting method. The central governments, local organizations or other formal or special institutions that use assets, which are the basis of the bond bond, are able to export such bonds directly by means of financial intermediaries. 3.1.3. Sukuk Mushuma and Mudaraba Sukukları Sukuklar Sukuklar Sukuklar Sukuk Sukuklar Sukuk Based on A Partnership. Mushpace Sukuk Mushpace; In an organization in the context of business and trade, it means sharing the profit and loss by all partners. In the modern capitalist economy, interest in all kinds of interest is a single financing tool used without any distinction. In Islam, the interest may play a vital role in an economy based on the principles of Islam. Mushroom International Congress On Islamic Economics and Finance, 21-23 October 2015, Sakarya / Turkey

is a relationship. Therefore, as in each contract, there is also any material required in a contract. For example, the parties should have the ability to enter the contract. The contract shall take place with the consent of the parties, without any pressure, fraud or misrepresentation and so on. (Usmani, 1998: 39) The people in the hands of the Certificate in the hands have the project or activity at the rate of shares. Mushpage certificates are treated as an turnover instrument and can be traded in secondary markets. These are certificates of equivocating equal value for the establishment of a new project, developing an existing project or financing an activity based on any partnership agreement. This is the most obvious feature of Sukukun; It is to provide each of the partners to invest in equal amounts or in different amounts (capitalization).

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