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This man who is unknown is that the most powerful chess player in the world is open apart. Austria Immigration Dr. B. is a great wonder when the chess champion is completely coincidious on a passenger ship to Buenos Aires from New York. Foreign, eaten with a great deal of experienced opponents, before the game, Nasyo

When you come and cross, Christopher Isherwood is perhaps the most ambitious novel: a wide geography from Germany to Greece, from the UK to the United States; From the late 1920s to the early 1950s, the early twentieth century history of the history of the twentieth century. We know Isherwood’s cosmopolitan world through unusual characters that are identifying with its many novels: Lonely and Mysterious Mr. in a German city of German Lancaster; The Hometown is a Greek to escape Britain

According to the Harold Bloom, the Portuguese writer, which is one of the authors that determine the parameters of Western Literature, the poet Fernando PESSOA was not very understood when the size of loss was not very understated in Lisbon in Lisbon in November 30, 1935. When the crate is opened, the diaries, real or imaginary letters and notes made up of the artwork that does not come to the day face, but it was understood that Bloom was justified in the determination of the Bloom. Pessoa’s allametiferson is the multiple identities created by; gaze to life, pasts, beliefs v

The Lumière Boulevard has made a lot of feelings on this hundred step journey I do from one side to another. The sugar powdered willow tree, lead-covered glasses and lace curtains, even the curve of wood stairs were even in the graceful French traditions were decorated in the elegant manikan. As an immigrant, Hasan’s story of Hasan, who turned into one of the most famous gourmet chiefs of French cuisine is full of challenging roads and turns in this world, he respects his father’s efforts to be standing in this world,

Beauty I have given my first love to someone who has some summers. My first kiss to the other. Need more than one season to separate all of us. Belly counts the days until the summer, he would go to the Cousins ​​Coast and took the days to meet Conrad and Jeremiah. Except this year. Because once it was good and accurate, it was now an upset. Belly doesn’t want to come in summer. But when you say Jeremiah says Conrad disappeared, Belly understands that once more. And the only way of that

It is one of the largest novels written to defend the freedom of artistic freedom against faith, Margarita with Master. Bulgakov’s State Atheism criticized with a great humor of a great humor, it was banned in Russia and were censored for years. In one of the day, the devil descends to Moscow accompanied by a huge black cat with a huge black cat. Moscowirs will observe and understand that humanity has changed. Banknotes that turn into champagne labels after use

In Stalin Russia, the basic pit of a huge pit of a gigantic building, which is planned to live together in the future beautiful days, is pit – of course in Platonov style. Platonov readers will understand what it means immediately: Absurd dialogues, existential interrogations, revealing the abyss between socialism abstract ideals of socialism, naive characters that misunderstood the ideology of the continuous propaganda and original, unique, strange, EMSA

Damn the last novel of the Norwegian writer of Per Petterson, the last novel.

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