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The Supreme Court registry counted in 2019, 252 direct femicides, 5 transfemicides / transvesticides and 16 related femicides. In 2018, 255, 4 and 23, respectively.

As reported by the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, the Plan was prepared taking into account the contributions arising from a series of forums, face-to-face and virtual, in which more than 3400 people, self-convened, from NGOs, and social, academic organizations participated. , trade unions, and the different jurisdictional levels, both executive, legislative and judicial. However, the fact that the portfolio headed by Gómez Alcorta has not consulted them once the guidelines and measures of the Plan were defined, caused discomfort in women’s areas of different provinces. In the forums, each provincial referent had the same 3 minutes to present their point of view as the rest of the participants. Nor was the Plan discussed within the framework of the Federal Plan for Women, whose last meeting was in March.

1. Creation of the “Accompany” Program: it is a comprehensive assistance program, with monetary transfer and accompaniment destined to contribute in the short and medium term, to the creation of basic conditions for the construction of an autonomous life project of the women and LGBTI + people who are at risk in contexts of gender-based violence.

2. Creation of Comprehensive Territorial Centers for gender and diversity policies throughout the country: They will carry out policies for prevention, assistance, protection and strengthening of access to justice from an intersectional and comprehensive perspective. They will have spaces for training, carrying out activities for the prevention and promotion of equality and, in some cases, housing people in contexts of gender-based violence and their children.

3. Creation of the Interministerial Table for Comprehensive Approach to Extreme Gender-Based Violence. The Ministries of Justice and Human Rights and of Security, together with the Ministry of Women, will create an inter-ministerial program to carry out a policy focused on the phenomenon of femicides, transvesticides and transfemicides. Among other issues, it will include an early warning system to identify risk situations in gender violence, evaluate them in time and prevent the most serious cases. In addition, there will be an articulated job to search for people.

5. Creation of a digital emergency system in cases of gender-based violence for local governments.

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