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s that the Federal Chamber confirmed the prosecution and preventive detention of Martins as head of an illicit association dedicated to pimping.

And he ordered that Judge María Servini advance with the extradition request to Mexico, where Martins settled more than fifteen years ago and from where he would continue to run his businesses, with the help of relatives and close friends.

The Martins case is a complex investigation into prostitution and human trafficking that was divided into several files. Martins graduated from the National Intelligence School in 1985 and acted for 15 years at the former SIDE, according to his daughter Lorena, under the command of the then director of Counterintelligence Antonio “Jaime” Stiuso.

With the support of Gustavo Vera’s La Alameda Foundation, Lorena Martins denounced her father for running cabarets with alleged police protection in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Mexico. According to the indictment, the former spy was taking deceived women and forcing them into prostitution. According to Martins’ daughter, the former spy would have run several nightclubs in Buenos Aires, such as The One, Rouge, Brut, New Manhattan, Fama, Hot Area, Top Secret, Oba Oba, Apart Hotel and Swinger Club Anchorena.

Already in 2012, judge María Servini had filed the complaint because some of the reported cabarets are already being investigated in another case and in other cases Martins had been acquitted. In addition, he considered that his daughter had used the complaint to “exert pressure on her father”, in the context of a claim for money for the divorce with her mother. However, at that time the Federal Chamber reversed the decision of the magistrate, by allowing the prosecutor Federico Delgado to submit.

The case was thus activated again in 2016 when the judge ordered to investigate Martins and his wife, whose last known address was a house in Mexico, where they would have run The One and other nightclubs in Cancun. In a parallel case, the son and mother of the former spy were also prosecuted for money laundering.

In May, Servini prosecuted Martins for “having been part of a criminal organization dedicated to the sexual exploitation of women, through the implementation of commercial premises classified as bar / café / whiskey shop from November 10, 2010 until the day of the date in the premises of Avda. Juan B. Justo Nro. 5302, Vicente López Nro. 2257 and Anchorena Nro.

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