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According to the investigation carried out by commissioner Octavio Olmedo, it is a gang called by residents of the area as “the sailors”, “made up of several young people who are familiar with each other, with several other direct relatives housed in the Unit. prison in Batán for crimes of similar characteristics ”.

On Friday night, the Secretary of Health of the Municipality of General Alvarado reported that 21 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the district, while 16 people were discharged.

As explained by the report, 13 determinations were reached by a detectable result for the pathology after laboratory swabbing, while the other 8 were by clinical / epidemiological criteria.

As can be deduced from the Situation Room, of those confirmed, 14 reside in Miramar, 6 in Otamendi and the remaining in Mar del Sud. By age, 2 are under 20 years old, 8 from 21 to 30, 3 from 31 to 40 , 1 from 41 to 50, and 7 have more than 51. And regarding their epidemiological links, one is considered “imported case”, 13 as “close contacts” and 7 are under investigation as it is unknown how they were infected.

It was also detailed that there are 25 cases under observation: to the 33 reported yesterday, 4 originated today were added and 12 were discounted.

552 people are in preventive isolation for having identified themselves as “close contacts”, for which they receive monitoring by the Territorial Epidemiological Surveillance program (VETe).

The local hospital houses 11 positive patients for COVID-19, among which there are 2 cases “in serious condition with respirator.” On the rest, it was reported that they are in a moderate state. Additionally, 7 other patients await swab results.

Based on the 462 cases diagnosed in just over two months, these are the numbers detailed by the MGA Situation Room:

By locality: 370 reside in Miramar (80%), 88 in Otamendi (19%), 3 in Mar del Sud and 1 in Mechongué.

By age range: 59 are under 20, 97 are 21 to 30, 100 are 31 to 40, 109 are 41 to 50, and 97 are over 51.

Epidemiological link: 97 are “imported cases” (21%), 323 close contacts (70%) and 42 are under investigation (9%).

Regarding the death, it corresponds to a 78-year-old man from Miramar, about whom it was not indicated if he had any previous pathology.

On the confirmations, 6 were determined after PCR test and the other 6 by clinical / epidemiological criteria.

As the Situation Room was not updated with the numbers that emerged in the last two nights, from this medium we cannot provide details on age ranges, sexes, place of residence or epidemiological link.

The diffusion sent by Social Communication described that there are still 33 cases under observation, after a base of 29 last night, the realization of 21 swabs today and the reception of 17 responses.

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