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It was the third time that the opposition sectors demonstrated during the quarantine period, they had already organized marches on June 20 and July 9.

The # 17A protest was called mainly through social networks under the hashtags # 17ASalimosTodos and # 17ABanderazoporlaLibertad. Although no opposition party formally called for participation in the mobilization, several leaders of Together for Change publicly supported the initiative.

Córdoba was one of the provinces where more people gathered to demonstrate against the national government (Mario Sar)

In the city of Buenos Aires, the epicenter of the protest was the Obelisk, where protesters with Argentine flags began to gather minutes before 16:00. In the interior of the country, they congregated in squares and monuments: such as the Patio Olmos and the San Martín de Jesús María square in Córdoba; the Moreno square in La Plata; the Monument to the Flag in Rosario; and the crossing of Sarmiento and Av San Martín in Mendoza.

However, the protest was also strongly felt in Buenos Aires territory. On the Pan-American highway, at the height of Pilar’s party, a long caravan of cars mobilized against the government. The images of the massive honk quickly went viral on social networks. There were aftershocks in Bahía Blanca, Mar del Plata, Olavarría, Luján, Junín, Tandil and Olavarría.

The protest also spread to different municipalities in the province of Buenos Aires (Franco Fafasuli)

In the Buenos Aires capital, the Plaza Moreno concentrated the largest number of protesters. The peak of people was registered shortly before 5:00 p.m., and the protest continued until almost sunset. Municipalities governed by Peronism such as La Matanza, Lomas de Zamora, Tigre and Avellaneda honks were also heard.

Hundreds of protesters also gathered in front of Quinta de Olivos, where President Alberto Fernández lives, and a smaller group at the corner of Juncal and Uruguay, where Cristina Kirchner’s department is located.

The march was massive and was held in the most important urban centers of the country (Nicolás Stulberg)

In the vice president’s building, a neighbor hung a large Argentine flag that read “Argentina Democratic Republic.”

Many relatives of victims of insecurity arrived at the presidential residence. They carried signs with their names and photos, and a request for justice in each of their expressions.

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