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The incidence rate of General Pueyrredon’s party on the total number of people currently being treated for Coronavirus in the Fifth Section was 78.5% last week and grew to 79.1% this week. In turn, the district that has Mar del Plata as the capital experienced a growth of 34.2% in total active cases in that same period: it went from 2,153 to 2,891.

Thus, of the 910 new infections in the Region, 81.0% (738 cases) occurred in General Pueyrredon’s party. Meanwhile, the other 26 districts of the Fifth Section together added 172 new infections more than 7 days ago, which represents 18.9%, when a week ago the incidence on the total had been 18.5%.

Like last week, the podium of municipalities with the most active cases was completed by Tandil (216) and Pinamar (93). The first, which should go through phase 3 of social isolation according to the Buenos Aires government, suffered a rise of 66 cases in a week (a 44% increase), while the second remained practically stable, with only 5 more infections than it did before. 7 days (an increase of 5.6%).

Among the municipalities that experienced a decrease in contagion between September 7 and September 14, Ayacucho stands out, which fell from 24 to 2 active cases (91.6%); La Costa, from 10 to 3 (70.0%); Lezama, from 12 to 7 (41.6%); Villa Gesell, from 24 to 20 (16.6%); Necochea, from 32 to 27 (15.6%) and Dolores, from 60 to 52 (13.3%).

The only two parties of the Fifth Section that do not have people studying the Coronavirus as of September 14 are Tordillo and Rauch, who remain in this privileged group, from which General Lavalle came out because yesterday a case of Covid was confirmed.

According to the parties, nine are women: 1 of about 15 years, 5 of about 25, 2 of about 50 and the rest of about 80. And six are men: 3 of about 25, one of about 30, and two of 65 and 75. It was also highlighted that eight reside in Miramar and the rest in Otamendi. All have “mild symptoms, home isolation and monitoring by health agents.”

In this way, General Alvarado reaches a peak of 70 simultaneous active cases, since in reality there are about 159 those that were confirmed since the end of July.

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