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The La Azucena Sports Complex reopened only its five tennis courts, with differentiated entry and exit. Those who arrived did so through the gate on Calle 21 and completed an affidavit valid for 14 days where they assured that neither they nor their family group have symptoms of COVID-19. Gel or 70% diluted alcohol was available.

In the same place, posters were placed with the current protocol of the Argentine Tennis Association. You must enter with a mask and remove it at the start of the game and put it on at the end, there can be no spectators, you can only play single, if there is a change of side it must be on the right side so as not to cross with the opponent and they must avoid facing each other in the network (minimum between 6 or 8 meters) or make the usual greeting at the beginning or end.

Everyone eagerly awaits the determination on Monday or Tuesday about the advance to the next phase in General Alvarado, still with doubts as to whether it will be in number 4 or 5. As it transpired, if they reach the maximum, the “sports and leisure activities with physical distancing ”are framed within the qualifications with the same guidelines with which they reopened this weekend.

The complex of 21 esq. 50 enabled its five courts, following biosafety protocols (NG / EDM)

Ángel Mollo, one of those responsible for La Azucena for more than three decades, was one of the first to deliver a reopening protocol to the mayor Sebastián Ianantuony. The reasons given are more than clear: the regular practice of sport provides positive benefits for health, in addition to serving as a logical exit at a time when emotional and psychophysical health is weakened.

Supported by different publications and reports at the provincial, national and international levels, as a result of his link with the chambers that bring together businessmen in the sector, Mollo made presentations for both tennis and swimming. The Quinta’s gym will momentarily wait, although there is already a folder ready.

Regarding the swimming pool -the first cover of Miramar since the mid-90s -, the proposed regulation provides for a different access from that of the tennis courts (on Calle 50), promoting social distancing with separation of at least two meters both within such as out of the water, the use of face protection and the use of face masks (outside the pool) and the disposal of alcohol in common areas.

For classes, the shifts will be reduced by 50% in their capacity, with classes of 45 minutes to take 15 more to use and clean the changing rooms. D

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