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Almagro did not tell the truth about the alleged Argentine spies, but his accusations remained on social networks and in the media. And there will no longer be a way to correct the collateral damage done to the public figure of Alberto Fernández.

The White House has centuries of experience in mounting information in the media, and it did not hesitate to use its broadcasting apparatus to confirm that the political relationship that Trump and Alberto Fernández began after the crisis in Bolivia, the fall of Morales and his exile is intact. in Mexico.

It is unusual for a president-elect to call a second-ranking State Department official to protest a Trump press release ratifying his position on Morales and his ideology.

Alberto Fernández executed this strange diplomatic move, and in Washington – days later – they replied with Protestant courtesy. “We hope to continue working with Argentina as a democratic partner, as an economic partner, and we see good prospects for working with the incoming government, assured the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Kevin O’Reilly.

Each head of state has his own agenda, and executes it to the best of his ability. In the case of Fernández, what is surprising outside and inside the country is that he makes journalistic statements without measuring their political and institutional effects. Francisco was not bothered by the fact that the president-elect ratified his position on the law decriminalizing abortion, but rather revealed his haste to deal with it when they agreed to an informal hearing in Santa Marta.

The same situation was observed when Alberto Fernández revealed certain details of the conversation he had with Emmanuel Macron. In international diplomacy, only the agreement of the telephone calls between two heads of state is counted, and an extra word in public can be a less comment in the privacy of a bilateral summit.

The political repercussions of his constant media appearances implied a change in his public agenda that was generous and multifaceted. On Thursday Alberto Fernández had promised to participate in the presentation of a book by Rafael Bielsa, and a day later he planned to attend the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UBA to claim free education.

But the president-elect canceled those presentations and his press team only released his relaxed meeting with Patti Smith, a singer who thinks like Alberto Fernández about wealth, poverty and world power.

The abrupt cancellation of their public appearances transformed the newsrooms and social networks into a media serpentarium. S

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