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Shortly before, in May 2019, a woman jumped into the rhinoceros pit at a zoo in Nuevo León, Mexico, to the horror of witnesses. She did it to retrieve her cell phone and not caring that one of the animals walked within two meters of her.

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The mayor of Paraná, the macrista Sergio Varisco, was attacked in the street and is hospitalized. The event was due to an alleged unfulfilled promise of employment, which would have motivated the attack by the attackers.

According to what El Uncover was able to find out, the Cambiemos leader was pushed and beaten by two men when he entered his home. After the beating, he had to be transferred to the San Martín hospital, in the capital of Entre Ríos.

The fall would have caused a hip fracture, for which Varisco would undergo surgery in the next few hours. The beating is investigated by the local police.

It is speculated that the attack has to do with a promise of work for these people, which was not fulfilled by the mayor. In the testimonies of the neighbors there is a coincidence with the idea that the municipal administration has established several antecedents of campaign promises that were not fulfilled, which unnerved the population.

With the present memory of what happened in the Superfinal in Madrid, River and Boca saw each other again at the Monumental in the first duel of the Copa Libertadores semifinal.

The intensity was so noticeable that at 7 minutes there was the first action that generated the first outbreak in Núñez. An untimely closing of Emmanuel Mas to Rafael Santos Borré forced the Brazilian Raphael Claus to consult with technology the resolution of the action.

The contact of the former San Martín de San Juan with the coffee striker cleared up doubts and the maximum penalty allowed the Colombian to celebrate 1 to 0. El Millonario struck from the locker room thanks to the ability of his collective game on offense.

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