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The sector that responds to Lavagna has already pronounced itself critically.

It will be seen how the legislative pieces end up being accommodated. But Lavagna’s carefully critical position is a fact in itself. He is a man of presidential consultation, one of the most important in his field, and at the same time, his image is weighted more than tactically: the versions about the creation of a Social Economic Council, with Lavagna at the head, returned to enhance the post quarantine that the Government has already begun to seek, for now with little substance. The initial care of some businessmen, as a gesture to the Government with which they maintain a fluid dialogue, was followed last night by a critical document.

Lavagna recalled the negative effect of the so-called “energy sovereignty” and warned that the chosen path also carries the risk of lawsuits. The reference to the experience with YPF replaces the question of the high cost that the country had to pay for that decision, in charge of CFK.

To complete it, yesterday’s protests were added in the Santa Fe towns of Avellaneda and Reconquista, headquarters of the company and area of ​​influence. The image restores considerations about the cacerolazo for the releases, in the first weeks of the quarantine. That is, concern about the possibility that a topic contains other discomforts. And its impact and political game.

Coronavirus in Argentina: workers of two Vicente López clinics that were closed preventively hold a protest

The unexpected death of the actor Gustavo Guillén shook everyone in the artistic environment and although there are many doubts regarding his death, the doctor Diego Muniagorrí, who treated him at the Los Tilos de La Plata sanatorium, helped to clarify the causes of his death. death. The death was due to “sepsis with multiorgan failure”, a “very serious pathology with a poor prognosis”.

“The patient was admitted on May 25, and went directly to intensive care. He had already had an intervention in this sanatorium, on May 8 to do a biopsy. He was very dehydrated, very thin, in poor general condition, he was not urinating and The previous days he suffered hematuria (blood from the urethra). It is not normal in a young person, who was also fine when the pre-surgery was done when he operated on it three weeks before. He entered with kidney failure, liver failure, disorder of the coagulation. It is a serious pathology that he had “, said the doctor in dialogue with” Confrontados “(El Nueve).

In addition, he explained that the infectious focus was searched, blood and urine cultures were made, and they began to hydrate it.

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