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From the supposed Paraguayan Messi who was not Iturbe to Luka Romero, the boy who made his debut at the age of 15 in Mallorca and he himself maturedly unchecked. Although in Messi it was not the typical exaggeration. From those early years of 2000, he took care of the image of his family to the point that Antonela never agreed to an interview. He never opened his WhatsApp as a source of online consultation. More now, in the middle of an order to leave Barcelona and with many millions of euros in dispute. That is why alleged data is repeated all over the world and the check is difficult. In fact, when most believed that he was going to appear for the PCR studies, Messi already warned his lawyers that he will not appear at the beginning of the “Koeman era” and Barça was notified of his determination.

Care is always a friend of rigor. More when the minute by minute of the exit perhaps forces the swerve. Sometimes it can happen that there is not an error but a change of plans. It goes beyond the good ways of Messi. Or his decision to leave without a major scandal. It’s already making noise that I send a burofax. You don’t want those divorces where you get screwed with the ashtray. He is still angered by some transcendent. Social media amplify in seconds and rumors turn into possible truth. It happened with a phrase that is attributed to Leo in a dialogue with Guardiola. The rebound was instantaneous there and here. “I want to win the next two Ballons d’Or and this can only be done with you”, was put in the mouth of the Argentine 10. That Messi does not use the “with you” may even be a detail for someone who speaks in Rosario. In the world Messi made noise for something deeper. A point that even a competitive animal does not understand. “Anyone who knows Leo knows that he would never put an individual award ahead of the team. How are you going to say that to Pep? ”, The off the record was diminished legitimacy. In that line he took away the full security that there is a photo of Messi so fast. This Saturday can be a defining day to define your attitude. A wink could make it change. Or something against that pushes you to come forward to pressure.

The script is written above the stage.

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