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The bad news of the day, again, came due to the injuries: Matías Atlante suffered a sprained clavicle and Bruno Cabrera a severe pain in the knee in which studies should be done to verify the severity.

To rest and recharge batteries for what comes with a calm head. The balance of the first semester is positive, from the football point of view, Alexis Matteo’s team played as equal to home and away players against more experienced rivals in the category and with much higher budgets; from the numerical, the last three dates gave him the prize that in the game he had deserved long before. The resumption will be at the end of January, so you have to enjoy a few weeks and January 3 would be the date to start working for the second phase.

Deportivo Madryn arrived with 10 points from the last 12, with many goals and with important names. However, in the first 45 ‘he barely arrived with an overflow from Distaulo that Bruno Vedda rejected over the crossbar. Later, he had no arguments to hurt a solid defense and did not generate anything of the usual, the local midfield took over that sector and the ball, handled it with discretion and was dominating about 45 ′ that were very cut, with incidents, with three changes due to injuries to Atlante and Cabrera at Papero and goalkeeper Lencina on the visit.

The award for those good intentions came late, when the stage was falling and it could not be otherwise than with a great collective play that began on the left, which had a succession of passes until Nahuel Pájaro cleaned the right with a change perfect front for Ever Ullúa who threatened to open for Vedda’s climb and hooked for his left foot, he put the shot that was destined for an angle, Mauricio Nievas did not finish grabbing or taking the corner, Bruno who had continued in the race captured the rebound on the line and had the lucidity to touch back so that Francisco Leonardo, the scorer Rojiverde pushed his right leg and sent him with a fair advantage at the break.

#FederalA It started in Ayr, followed by Buzzini, they joined touches to the left until Pájaro made a barbarous front change for Ullúa, the shot that Nievas could not contain and Vedda arrived to touch back and that @ franleonardo96 opened the scoring.

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